Moving Tip # 2: Have a Yard Sale

Tips for Garage Sales:

• Check to see if your homeowners association has rules about conducting a sale. Some communities do not allow you to have a sale of any type.

• Call your local village hall or municipal center and inquire if there are permitting requirements.

• Find out if your homeowners coverage covers liability for injuries a consumer might sustain while on your property.

• Consider a block sale. Ask your neighbors if they are interested in having a sale of their own. This will help keep you motivated, it is fun to share ideas and the potential for a larger turn out is far greater.

• Check to see if your community has a website where you can post your ideas.

• Before hanging signs, be certain your city or town allows you to do so.

• Try to round up some help for the day of the sale. It is difficult to conduct a sale on your own.

• Start saving shopping bags, plastic grocery bags and boxes.

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