Moving Tip # 1: Get Rid of the Clutter

Strategies To De-clutter Your Home

Paring down the excess clutter will free up space in the house for a bigger, cleaner look during open houses and showings. If you have way too much stuff, you might consider having a garage sale before you list your property.

If you plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time, it can actually be fun getting rid of stuff and living less encumbered. Besides, you’ll make some money, take a big step in removing clutter, and you’ll have less to move when the time comes. By the way, having less to move can save you money since moving companies often charge by weight. So it’s best to be ruthless — the more you can discard, the less your moving bill will be.

Don’t forget, if you have leftover items after the garage sale, consider donating them to charity — many have trucks that will come by and pick up you items for free. Plus you will receive an opportunity for a tax write off.

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